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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

1pm - 5 pm

Zoom Meeting

The Michigan Council of Nursing Education Administrators (MCNEA) represents the academic nurse leaders of associate degree and practical nursing programs in Michigan. MCNEA meets four times a year in various locations around the state. The goals of MCNEA are to


  Impact the direction of nursing education in Michigan.


  Monitor the direction of legislative issues regarding health care and nursing.


  Contribute to the professional development of the membership.


  Maintain a communication network for MCNEA members.


MCNEA supports the Michigan Agenda for Nursing - Actions to Avert a Crisis, and has sought to address specific concerns related to nursing education at meetings that occur twice per year with colleagues from the Michigan Association of Colleges of Nursing (MACN) and the Michigan Organization of Nurse Executives (MONE). In addition, MCNEA has membership at the Coalition of Michigan Organizations of Nursing (COMON).


Membership in the MCNEA shall be open to all community colleges or other nursing program administrators in Michigan upon payment of dues. The "administrator," regardless of title, is the Registered Nurse recognized by the Michigan Board of Nursing as the head of the program. Dues are established annually.  Please contact the MCNEA treasurer for membership information and dues payments.